Summer Quickie

1. Versace Fall/Winter 1994
2. Wim Neels Spring/Summer 1998
3. Gucci Spring/Summer 2002
4. Armani Jeans 1980s
5. D&G Fall/Winter 2006/2007

A best of campaigns. For the heat. The sheets. And the wet.


A Short History Of Stripes In Popular Culture IX

1. Ed Ruscha Little Snitches Like You End Up in Dumpsters All Across Town, 1997 & Helmut Lang Fall/Winter 1996
2. Ed Ruscha This No Joke Im After You Stupid Punk, 1997 & Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 2001
3. Ed Ruscha Do As I Say or…, 1997 & Helmut Lang Fall/Winter 1998
4. Ed Ruscha You Dirty Rotten Bitch, 1997 & Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 2003
5. Ed Ruscha You And I Are In Disagreement, 1997 & Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 1997
6. Ed Ruscha I Heard You Moved To Pahrump, Nevada — You Cannot Escape, 1997 & Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 2003
7. Ed Ruscha You Wont Know WHEN You Wont Know WHERE You Wont Know WHO and You Wont Know WHY, 1997 & Helmut Lang Fall/Winter 1996
8. Ed Ruscha Agree to Our Terms or Prepare Yourself for a Blast Furnace, 1997 & Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 1997

Helmut and Ed had a baby. A lovechild. A brother from another mother. A sister from another mister. Block stripes in red, black and white. Cross-body, full-frontal armor amour.


Artwork Workwear

1. Sterling Ruby Work Wear, 2016
2. Sleazenation Protect And Survive, 2002
3. Aya Tsukioka Vending Machine Dress, 2007

When what you wear becomes who you are and what you do and where you are and what you were. Sterling Ruby wears fashion in his studio, sells fashion and collaborates on fashion that is more fashion than any fashion. Who needs anything besides art to be worn?

P.S.: His staff is sexy, too.

Image credits Kaleidoscope


Phor Phallus

1. Alasdair McLellan Eddie Peake, i-D Magazine 20016
2. Eddie Peake No Brains, 2011
3. Eddie Peake Komodo Dragon 3, 2015

Nudity is not a bad thing. It is good. A penis is not a bad thing. It can do good. What is the point of censorship of sexuality. When it is the most human mode of existance. Why do we still feel ashamed. Why are our accounts being deleted?


Fashion Charts XXVI

or 'Something like a Spring/Summer 2017 menswear trend report'

2. Sentimental Poet

3. Technotronic Teen

While women dress as corporate business men, the XY gender is re-imagining boyhood and competing teenage tribes throughout. Forming one collective boygroup collection. Because today, everyone is beautiful, ready to be an instant star.